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Simple Scales requires iOS 11 and watchOS 5. Access to Apple Health is also required.


How do I change my preferred weight?

Simple Scales uses the weight unit set inside the Apple Health app as your preferred unit. To change this, open Apple Health and tap on the Browse tab and then search for Weight. Inside the Weight section you can change your preferred unit.

How do I view my previously saved entries?

These can be viewed in the Apple Health app by opening Health and tapping on the Browse tab and then searching for Weight. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on Show All Data.

What services and devices does Simple Scales support?

We currently only support Apple Health. This means that Simple Scales is only available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.

Why does the complication on the Apple Watch not display any data?

We wanted to provide a shortcut for users to open the app on their watch easily without the pressure of seeing their current weight every time they look at the time. We believe it’s important to keep a healthy perspective on weight loss and as users of the app ourselves we don’t think seeing your current weight will help users be healthy, both physically or mentally. We understand that this might not be what everyone is looking for in a complication but we wanted to cater to the majority use-case in this instance.

Can Simple Scales be used to weigh objects or people like a real set of scales?

No, Simple Scales is intended to work with traditional bathroom scales. You weigh yourself on the bathroom scales and then manually enter your weight which gets saved to Apple Health. If you are looking to physically weigh something with your phone there are apps out there that use the 3D Touch sensor to accomplish this but the sensor can only detect the weight of small objects, like a coin.